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Best iPhone 11 Fone Cover Review

We’ve all been there. The day that you accidently drop your beautiful, sleek, shiny (and, let’s face it, very expensive!) iPhone and the screen cracks.

Not only is a crack on your phone’s screen incredibly annoying, often it can actually make the device difficult to use. The cost of a new iPhone dramatically increases with each new model that Apple introduces to the marketplace.

If someone had told me had told me a few years ago that my next phone was going to cost more than my first car I don’t think I would have believed them!

Nowadays, when you consider the value of your device – not to mention the frequency with which it is in and out of your pocket – it is essential to find yourself a good case.

However, when an Amazon search for ‘iPhone 11 case’ returns you page 1 of ‘over 50,000 results’ it is not hard to see why people might find choosing the right one a little overwhelming!

In this article we will have a look at some of the best iPhone 11 cases available on Amazon today and save you valuable time by sorting some of the wheat from the chaff.

Apple Silicone Case

Let’s start with the case that Apple themselves designed to complement the iPhone 11. As you would expect from Apple, the case fits perfectly, hugging the device and fitting snugly over the power and volume buttons.

It adds no discernible bulk to the phone and the soft touch silicone exterior not only feels great but, more importantly, also provides great grip. See the full listing at – Apple Silicone case on Amazon.

It should be noted, however, that this case only protects the sides and the back of the phone and it is best used with a screen protector (purchased separately).

TUCCH Wallet Case for iphone 11

This sleek looking black, wallet style case is made from premium PU leather and has a strong magnetic clasp which provides good protection against the odd drop.

It also has a three credit card slots and a cash compartment (for those that still carry it!)

For further info view the TUCCH Wallet Case on Amazon.

Some might consider it a little expensive when compared to other similar products on Amazon but it is supported by a lifetime warranty so you can be confident in your purchase.

Joyguard Silicone Cover

Apple spend millions of dollars every year on developing the iconic looks of the iPhone, so if you would like to actually show off those aesthetics then a silicone case might be for you.

This case is soft to the touch and the creative new formula used to mould the silicone is designed to prevent yellowing – a problem that sometimes affects similar designs.

Whilst I’m not convinced that it would protect the phone against a long drop, it is an affordable and lightweight way to protect your device from bumps and scratches.

View the Joyguard phone case on Amazon.

Spigen Tough Armour Case

As the name suggests, this case is a robust way to protect your phone from the everyday grind.

It fits the phone nicely and is surprisingly slim when you consider the amount of protection it delivers.

It can feel a little chunky in your hand but that is to be expected from a case called Tough Armour!

Silk Smartish Slim Case

This case markets itself as the ‘best case for most people’ – which is quite a claim.

It does have a remarkable ‘Kung-Fu grip’ which will certainly prevent dropping by all but the clumsiest of phone owners. However, if that’s you, don’t worry. It also has protective air pockets in the corners to guard against such slips!

Thin, sleek and subtle; you barely know it’s there.

Check out Silk here.

Torras Military Grade Shockproof Case

Despite feeling delicate to the touch, this case is made from certified military grade drop protection silicone. Dropped over 100 times from as high as 6ft – you can certainly be confident that this case will look after your device.

It has a matte translucent back so the logo is still visible and, despite its tough credentials, is still slim and lightweight.

Torras on Amazon

Tasikar Easy Grip Wood

For those that are looking for something a little different in a phone case, perhaps they might consider the natural wood grain design of the Tasikar.

It has a slim profile and a flexible, shock absorbing body along with raised edges that protects the camera from any scratches.

It does not have quite the tacky grip that some of the other cases offer but it is certainly a unique and eye-catching design.

View the Tasikar Easy Grip Wood.

Yosh Waterproof

Have you ever fancied being an underwater photographer? If so, this is certainly the case for you.

It has a ‘snap and lock’ seal clip which keeps the device watertight whilst still allowing you to use the phone through its responsive screen touch facility.

Whilst the cumbersome design would never lead you to choose this as your main case, the competitive price and the fact that you can quickly slip the phone in and out makes it an essential secondary case for the beach – check out the Yosh.

Wixann Battery Case

We all know that there is little more frustrating than the sight of our battery icon draining over the course of a busy day. View the Wixann Battery Case on Amazon.

With this case you can forget your battery blues as you simply have to press a button on the back and it will charge your device back up to 100%.

It is also amazingly thin when you consider that it is a charger as well as a case.
The only worry that I have is that the brittle shell is unlikely to provide as much protection as some of the other cases on offer.

Element Black Ops Elite Case

For those looking for ultimate protection (and a case a little closer in price to the actual phone than some of the other, more competitively priced options available!) then perhaps this is the one for you.

The dropshock body is designed to withstand extreme impact. The chassis is made from aircraft grade aluminum and then bead blasted to give a ‘hard anodized’ finish.

It might be a little more than you are looking to spend – and perhaps a little more protection than a trip to the shops requires – but this case will certainly keep your phone very safe! Black Ops iPhone Case