Best Phone Cases for iPhone 6

Top 7 Phone Cases for iPhone 6 Review 2021

In this new generation of Apple smartphones, the iPhone 6 is probably one of the oldest units that are still being used today.

Despite its outdated features, this phone can still perform well (as long as you don’t update it to the latest iOS version).

If you are still hanging on to your trusty iPhone 6 and you want to preserve its life more, then try checking out these awesome cases.

The best way to maintain your phone is to keep it protected, and looking for the perfect case is just one way of doing so.

Ted Baker London Case for iPhone 6

Luxury phone case from Ted Baker.

Colour: Black, Rose Gold | Weight: 884.5 Grams | Design: One-piece, Flip | Accessories: Built-in Mirror

+ Premium phone case from the Ted Baker designer house

+ Sophisticated black and rose gold finish

+ Built-in mirror

Ted Baker is one of UK’s well-known designer houses, and aside from clothing apparel, they have a little bit more up their sleeves.

This stylish phone case can provide a sufficient amount of protection while keeping your phone fabulous at the same time.

If you don’t mind the steep price range, this is definitely something worth trying out.

FinestBazaar Silicone Shockproof Case for iPhone 6

Lightweight protection for your iPhone.

Colour: Grey | Weight: 20 Grams | Design: Dual-layered | Accessories: None

+ One of the most lightweight phone cases

+ Reinforced structure for impact protection

+ Brushed texture with carbon fiber details

This one is the best silicone case you will find for your iPhone 6.

It has a brushed texture on the back, and the reinforced material provides excellent protection for the gadget.

This case is primarily known for its grip, which is extremely important for preventing fall damage.

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 6

An original iPhone case from Apple.

Colour: Black | Weight: 40 Grams | Design: One-piece | Accessories: None

+ Original protection from Apple

+ Stiffer and thicker than most silicone cases

+ Sleek black design with the Apple logo

If you’re not a fan of other brands, you might as well stick to the original iPhone casing.

It can still provide the right amount of security for your iPhone 6, and since it is leather, it feels more premium compared with their silicone case.

If you’re willing to pay the price, this accessory is a safe go-to option for your device’s protection.

Ballistic Jewel Case for iPhone 6

The best phone case for impact protection.

Colour: Clear | Weight: 80 Grams | Design: One-piece | Accessories: None

+ The reinforced corners provide increased bumper protection

+ Raised corners and lips promote excellent surface protection

+ Slim pocket-able design

This clear case can guard your phone in ways you wouldn’t even expect. It has an extremely odd design, and yet, its protection level is off the charts.

The corners of this case are reinforced and ready for extreme impacts, and raised lips provide the right amount of surface protection for your phone’s camera and screen.

If you want a unique and budget-friendly phone case, this one is definitely a good choice.

Case-Mate Brilliance Case for iPhone 6

A glamorous phone case for a modern lifestyle.

Colour: Rose Gold | Weight: 92.99 Grams | Design: One-piece | Accessories: None

+ A premium phone case made of crystal and leather

+ Discreet internal protection

+ Ideal accessory for complementing your outfits

Another glamorous phone case you will find is the Case-Mate Brilliance. By mixing up the mesmerising sight of crystals and the fine grip of leather, this case will give your phone the right look it needs without compromising protective quality.

Of course, this would only work if you love some bling on your phone accessories.

Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 6

The perfect phone case for outdoor activities.

Colour: Black, Red, Clear | Weight: 150 Grams | Design: 360-Degree Protection | Accessories: None

+ The perfect heavy duty case for your active lifestyle

+ Military grade protection for harsh weather and environmental conditions

+ Sensitive screen, port, and button access

As the name suggests, the Catalyst Waterproof Case is perfect if you frequently involve yourself in water-based activities.

Its military-grade construction can withstand aggressive usage, making it the perfect phone case if you are planning exciting adventures.

All you need to do is to make sure that you have an extra compartment because this phone accessory is probably one of the bulkiest cases you will ever hold.

Case-Mate Wallet Folio Case for iPhone 6

An efficient option for holding your necessities.

Colour: Black | Weight: 10 Grams | Design: One-piece, Flip | Accessories: Card & I.D Slots

+ Made of excellent hand-crafted leather

+ Additional card (3) and I.D (1) slots

+ Sleek and barely noticeable interior case

The Case-Mate Wallet Folio Case is one of most efficient leather cases you will see.

It has a barely noticeable shell to hold your phone, and the flip cover can hold up to 4 cards (including your I.D).

It’s not as extravagant as its competitors, but it functions well for a standard leather folio case.

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