Phone Cases for iPhone 6S

Best 7 Phone Cases for iPhone 6S Review 2021

The iPhone 6S is still a powerful smartphone you can rely on.

To this day, you can still see well-performing units of this model being used all over the world. To preserve the quality of your iPhone 6S check out the best phone cases in the market today!

Vivibin Purple Case for iPhone 6S

A stylish case for gemstone lovers.

Colour: Purple | Weight: 19.84 Grams | Design: One-piece | Accessories: None

+ Aesthetic phone case

+ Thin and soft TPU material

+ Precise cutouts for easier button access

Gemstones are aesthetically pleasing materials that we often see around necklaces, bracelets, and other forms of jewelry. By getting the Vivibin Purple Case, you can get these things at the back of your iPhone 6S.

Of course, you won’t get the real stones, but the design is still mesmerising compared to other plain cases.

Mophie Juice Pack Compact Battery Case for iPhone 6S

The perfect phone case for people on-the-go.

Colour: Blue | Weight: 99.22 Grams | Design: Snap-on Assembly | Accessories: Powerbank

+ A multi-functional phone case

+ It can fully charge your phone

+ Sturdy case construction

As the iPhone 6S has been around for quite some time, you could possibly be experiencing some battery issues. Thankfully, the Mophie Juice Pack offers both a protective case and a compact power bank.

Instead of worrying about your phone’s fluctuating power levels, you can snap on this case and power up.

Pegai Personalised Leather Wallet for iPhone 6S

A modern case with a vintage touch.

Colour: Brown | Weight: 272 Grams | Design: Foldable | Accessories: Removable Case, Card & Cash Slots

+ Handsome distress leather

+ Removable case

+ Extra card slots (3) and hidden cash slot

This folio case is the perfect blend of vintage and modern craftsmanship. Featuring the handsome chestnut brown leather, the Pegai Personalized Leather Wallet is perfect for the modern gent.

It has a removable case for your iPhone 6S, and the folding cover can house up to 6 cards thanks to its 3 spacious pockets.

OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 6S

Combining simplicity with sturdiness.

Colour: Black | Weight: 204.12 Grams | Design: Multi-Layered | Accessories: Belt-Clip Holster/Kickstand

+ Triple-layered case with screen protector (built-in)

+ Efficiently placed kickstand/belt-clip holster for hands-free viewing

+ Secure port covers

The OtterBox Defender Case is probably one of the best phone cases you will get when it comes to solid protection.

It has a thick, reinforced design that ensures the security of your iPhone 6S.

The window on the backside perfectly flaunts off that beautiful Apple logo, and you can easily attach and remove its belt-clip holster anytime you want.

Griffin Rugged Survivor Case for iPhone 6S

The most heavy-duty phone case in the market.

Colour: Black | Weight: 45.36 Grams | Design: Dual-layered | Accessories: Built-in screen shield

+ Unique and intimidating design

+ Built-in screen shield for frontal protection

+ It can withstand aggressive usage

If you’re down for a heavy-duty case, you might as well get the Griffin Rugged Survivor Case.

It can withstand aggressive usage on all sorts of terrains, making it one of the most iconic phone accessories you will find. Of course, those excellent qualities come with a price, and one of them is the large size of this phone case.

Cygnett Urban Shield Tech Case for iPhone 6S

A smooth phone case with remarkable durability.

Colour: Black, Silver | Weight: 9.07 Grams | Design: One-piece  | Accessories: None

+ Smart and simple design

+ Raised edges for impact protection

+ Perfect shield against scratches

This smooth phone case is firm and durable. The secret to its construction is the smooth backside and bevelled edges.

While its exterior looks sleek and aesthetic, the interior is jam-packed with shock-absorbent material that ensures your iPhone’s protection.

Speck CandyShell Grip Case for iPhone 6S

Perfect for slippery hands.

Colour: White, Black | Weight: 10 Grams | Design: Dual-layered with Textured Grips | Accessories: None

+ Well-placed textured grips

+ Shock-absorbent TPE layer

+ It only adds 0.16 inches to your phone

Unlike Speck’s Presidio Grip series, this CandyShell Grip Case features a playful colourway that entices its users.

The grippy texture ensures that you’ll get a good hold of your phone, reducing the risk of sudden drops.

On the off chance that you didn’t manage to grab your phone in time, you don’t have to worry because the interior is made of strong, shockproof material.